Spanish flame | Stylish Cocktails


The way I invented this Spanish cocktail, is rather unconventional. I needed a feisty  cocktail to go with my ribs and chips . 

This Spanish cocktail was totally spontaneous.At first I added red food colouring to the bottom of my cocktail glasses, then orange juice, followed by a pineapple fizzy drink then cold lemonade and I repeated those layers. In the end, I had red monochromatic cocktails. I wasn't satisfied with the colour because I was really looking forward to a gradient forming. With all the guts in my bones, I took dark blue food colouring, assuming that if I added it to the top of the cocktails, it would add a blue dimension to my cocktails. However, when I did that to the first cocktail, it appeared black. I decided to simply step back and watch the gradient that was forming. To my uttermost delight, it looked superb! I decided to that with the remaining cocktails, because I could not help but be engrossed by the sensational black-red gradient. This cocktail is inarguably a MUST-HAVE and dare I say, it is probably among the top 2 easiest recipes  on  my blog. What makes this cocktail even more stupendous is how the pattern of the gradient formed in each glass is unique and unidentical. 


Time : 10 minutes 


  • 1 can lemonade (can be substituted with sprite)
  • 1 litre orange fruit juice
  • 2 cans pineapple-flavoured fizzy drink ( e.g pinenut)
  • A few drops red food colouring and dark blue/black food colouring
  • 1/4 cup caster sugar
  • 1 small lemon
  • Ice cubes
  • A few pineapple slices
  1. Place all the liquids in a refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.
  2. For the sugar coating on the rim of the glasses, place the sugar in a medium sized flat plate.
  3. Cut the lemon in half and run it around the rim of the glasses then immediately dip the rim of each glass into the sugar. (Make sure the rims of the glasses are evenly and entirely coated).
  4. Add a pineapple slice to the rim of each glass by simply making a small incision at the pointy side of the pineapple and gently sliding it onto the glass rim.
  5. When filling your glasses, add one or two drops of food colouring to the bottom of each glass.
  6. First add orange juice to each glass a quarter way up. Then add some of the pineapple fizzy drink to each glass , followed by some of the lemonade. Repeat those layers till you almost reach the top of each glass.
  7. Add a drop of dark blue/ black food colouring to each glass.
  8. Leave the glasses untouched and after about 10 minutes the color gradient will become visible!