This magnificent gourmet creation is undoubtedly a stellar representation of the magic of an unleashed culinary imagination . If you’ve been a loyal follower of my blog then it comes as no surprise that I am utterly obsessed with classy fine dining. Firstly, trying to get a name for this meal was an unachievable task only because it comprises of so many components so it was hard to find a name that encapsulates all the elements of the meal.

This superb creation is a combination of Asian inspired elements. On the light blue platter there are strips of fish fillets , accompanied by rice shaped into small cylinders then chicken teriyaki . The decorative elements I used were : lemon wedges, yellow peppers, red onion slices then thinly sliced beetroots that I grilled in the oven for about 15 minutes at 190 degrees Celsius in order  to achieve the wilted ‘flowery’ look .

The second gourmet phenomenon is a stack of thinly sliced grilled potatoes , avocado slices, shredded bbq chicken , pineapple, more shredded bbq chicken topped with a stack of  crispy purple and golden spaghetti. Obviously the crispy spaghetti on the top was just a decorative element and it is note really meant to be eaten with the rest of the meal.

As i round off this blog post, I hope you have been inspired to unleash the culinary genius within you and top this marvelous fine dining creation!